About treezz

The latest Treezz collection has been developed specially for homes, gardens and terraces, but is equally as suitable for offices and hotels. In designing this new range, we have sought to bring natural beauty and serenity to any setting.

Treezz pots are inspired by everything nature has to offer. The characteristic forms of both the Natural and Exclusive collection draw upon the many aesthetic experiences we have gained travelling the world.

Treezz pots owe their distinctive look to classical landscapes, with rocky vistas a particular source of inspiration.

They stand out not only for their traditional style, but especially for their natural sustainability. Traits also typical of the desert and mountain landscapes which influence their design.

Treezz pots are the pinnacle of traditional craftsmanship. Every one is produced entirely by hand, making it totally unique! The natural character of a Treezz pot is special enough, but is made even more exceptional by its size – ideal for trees.


Treezz Natural

Treezz Natural was inspired by a journey of discovery through ancient landscapes. The combination of natural colours and forms is a permanent reminder of the material’s origin in nature.

Treezz Exclusive

Our inspiration for Treezz Exclusive was the sun and its interplay with nature, with pots that capture the reflection of sunlight to create the impression of a starry night – and so bring a very special feel to your home, garden or terrace.

Corporate social responsibility (Treezz and nature)

Once we have finished with them, the quarries and stone workings where we source our materials are returned to nature, becoming protected habitats. Within a few years they develop into unique ecosystems, giving endangered animals and plants an opportunity to thrive.

OUR products

Natural materials 
The outer surfaces of Treezz pots are composed of natural sand and stone from places like the Sahara desert, as well as some of the world’s the most exotic stone workings. Beneath this, all feature an insulated core and a reinforced exterior, making them extremely strong yet always portable. As a result, they are also perfect for roof terraces. Naturally, all Treezz products are UV and frost-resistant.

Alaska wit
Antraciet Vulkaan
Havana bruin
Kristal Vulkaan diep zwart
Saffier blauw
Sahara geel
Graniet grijs

The Treezz guarantee

Treezz provides a 10-year guarantee against manufacturing defects on all products in the Natural and Exclusive collections. If placed outdoors, a Treezz pot must always have drainage holes added. Not only do these allow excess water to escape, but only with holes is the pot frost-resistant.

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